How to Get Your Rental Bond Back

It’s not exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world, but vacating your rental doesn’t have to be stressful. The biggest concern for all tenants in making sure that they get their bond back. In fact, with the right approach, vacating a rental property and getting your bond back can be stress-free – it just takes a little foresight, planning and organisation.

Know Your Timeline
  • Whether the decision to vacate was yours or not, clarity on dates is essential. Work backward from your rental agreement’s end date, when keys must be returned. Plan tasks like furniture removal, cleaning, and pest control accordingly.
Downsize and Declutter
  • Minimize moving stress by decluttering early. Clear out unnecessary items and furniture to streamline your move.
Start Packing Early
  • Begin packing as you declutter. Packing room by room in advance helps reduce last-minute rush and stress.
Go Room by Room
  • Organize your move systematically by tackling one room at a time. Decide what to keep, pack early, and plan for thorough cleaning.
Outsource When Possible
  • Consider outsourcing tasks such as professional cleaning, exterior maintenance, and removal services to reduce your workload.
Book Essential Services
  • Schedule services like pest control and carpet cleaning well in advance to align with your move-out timeline.
Don’t Overlook the Exterior
  • Prioritize cleaning and tidying outdoor areas, including gardens and exterior windows.
Organize Utilities
  • Ensure a smooth transition by disconnecting utilities like internet, electricity, and gas on your move-out date.
Consult Your Entry Condition Report
  • Refer to your initial Entry Condition Report to ensure the property meets its original state upon vacating.
Bins and Keys
  • After your final clean, place bins out for collection and return keys promptly to your property manager.
Final Inspection
  • Expect a vacate inspection post-exit, where your property manager assesses the property’s condition for bond return.
How We Can Help

Our dedicated property managers prioritize tenant satisfaction and property care. Explore our property management services or view available rental properties here.

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